Volcanoes of El Salvador

Volcan Izalco, as seen from
the climb up Volcan Llamatepec
(otherwise known as Volcan Santa Ana) 

These are some of the views of Volcan Izalco,
from the top of Cerro Verde, our starting point to
climb either Izalco or Volcan Llamatepec

At around the mid-way point, San Blas

Hiking up V. Llamatepec with
la familia Vidal, Laurent, Mathieu & Louise

...and Pierre,
with a flowering Maguey

These Maguey plants are all over V. Llamatepec´s side

Nearing the top of the volcano, we can see Cerro Verde (left) and
V. Izalco (at the back) with San Blas nestled in the middle

Almost there Laurent !
Our first view of Lago de Coatepeque
 from the top of Llamatepec

Inside the crater of Volcan Llamatepec

The luna landscape of this active volcano

Steven and Pierre

The volcanic crater lake - Lago de Coatepeque

Honeymoon couple Andrea and Steven ....
hope she´s not thinking of kicking him in !

Relaxing at Lago de Coatepeque
after our 4 hour volcano hike